Call for images for 'Rugby Is My Pride' exhibition & video


Photography credits: Henri Verhoef     

  Photography credits: Natalie Bouwens    

Photography credits: Henri Verhoef


We are very excited to have received so many registrations for Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 and are looking forward to welcoming over 1,500  LGBTQ+ rugby players and supporters to Amsterdam very soon! 

To showcase Gay & Inclusive Rugby from around the world, the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 organisation is in the process of producing a photo exhibition and a video clip, both entitled ‘Rugby Is My Pride’, which will be shown during the Bingham Cup week from 4 until 11 June 2018Alice Hoagland, Mark Bingham's mother, will officially open the photo exhibition.
We would be extremely honoured to include images in this exhibition and videoclip that show the pride of the global LGBTQ+ rugby community. We therefore kindly ask you to send us high res images that represent your own, your squad’s or your club’s rugby spirit, visualising the tagline ‘Rugby Is My Pride’. 

Please send your image(s), together with the credits (see below), before 22 April 2018 to Victor Alling, Events Director of Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018.

Here are some guidelines concerning the images we seek:

  • Form: The image can be a standing photo shot or a spread shot and can be in colour or in black & white (please note: spread shots will only be used in the videoclip, not in the photo exhibition).
  • Content: The content of the image can be a single portrait, a group portrait, an action portrait or any other visual that represents your person/squad/club to the fullest, with the tagline ‘Rugby Is My Pride’ in mind.
  • Credits: We must receive the correct credits of the photographer, the name(s) of the model(s) and the club he/she/they belong(s) to, if applicable.
  • Usage: The images may be used by the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 organisation for (1) a street exhibition, which will be shown publicly in the period Monday June 4th 2018 until Monday June 10th 2018 in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen area, the Netherlands, and (2) a videoclip that will be shown during the opening and closing ceremonies of Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 (on 7 and 10 June 2018 respectively). The images will not be used for any other purpose. The images will not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Prior consent: By sending us your image(s) we presume that the photographer and the model(s) have been informed about the usage of these image(s) and have consented to this usage.