Opening Day - 7 June

Opening Ceremony Pre-Gathering & BCA18 Parade

Most Bingham Cup participants will descend on Amsterdam on Thursday 7 June. Everybody is invited and encouraged to come to the Opening Ceremony Pre-Gathering in the Reguliersdwarsstraat between 4PM and 6PM.


At 6PM we’ll lead you in a veritable BCA18 Parade to the Opening Ceremony at Club Escape on Rembrandtplein. We expect some 1,500 Bingham Cup participants on the day so our informal ‘Rugby is my Pride’ march could take 30-60 minutes to complete! Please follow all instructions from the safety staff and traffic wardens.


Opening Ceremony

The official Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday 7 June between 8PM and 11PM at Club Escape with free drinks and snacks. Access is restricted to Bingham Cup participants wearing a Player or Staff/Supporter wristband. You will be refused entry if you do not have a wristband. Taking bags into Club Escape is also prohibited. Do not bring a bag or you will be refused entry. Considering the large number of people we expect, you are encouraged to come early: doors will open at 6:30PM.

These measures are necessary because so many players and supporters have registered at the last minute. We are at absolute maximum capacity! The venue management and fire marshals will not let anyone else in.


Capacity at the Opening Ceremony

We’ve found that not all team lists are fully up to date. At registration in Amsterdam, we’re seeing new names slipped in. We’re thrilled you’re all here! But these last minute additions have not been taken into account in planning events and activities. They are above and beyond the 2,300 we’ve planned for!

This raises the possibility that we could have more people wanting to attend the Opening Ceremony than the venue allows. If we do reach full capacity at Club Escape, we’ll need to proceed on a one-out/one-in basis. So some participants might end up waiting outside for a bit. We hope it won’t come to this — and apologise profusely in advance, if it does!

Thank you for your understanding.