Download logos

Here are downloadable files of our official logo. We offer them to clubs for use in your fundraising, tour booklets and tour shirts — so we can all help make Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 the biggest and best ever!

We can not authorise any other use of the logo. For Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 merchandise, please visit our merchandise page.

About the file formats

The Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 logo is available as an Adobe Illustrator file and a JPG file (colour/positive, colour/negative, BW/positive, BW/negative). The colour/positive logo is also available as a PDF file.

When preparing the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 logo for print or digital use, it is best to open the AI, JPG or PDF file within image-editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and render the logo at your desired size. The last step is to save it as a new file.

Proper use

These file formats are tailored for either print or digital use. Be sure to use the correct file format or the logo may render inaccurately, reflecting poorly on the Bingham Cup and Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 brands. 

The files for download have the required clearspace around the logo built into the file. Please do not attempt to stretch the logo or crowd it with artwork or text.


If you need any help or advice, please contact Frans Verschuren.


Download link below (1 zip-file with all logos)