Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018

The Bingham Cup Tournament will be the centerpiece of the Bingham Cup Programme: a week of sport, activities and celebrations, starting on 2 June 2018 and running through 11 June 2018. Here is how it will all play out:

02 JUNE    Welcome Party - RUGBN Bear Necessity

03 JUNE    Opening of 'Rugby is My Pride' Photo Exhibition

04 JUNE    Tournament Draw, Evening Event

05 JUNE    Evening Event

06 JUNE    Start of On-Site Registration, Rugby Clinics & Team Training, IGR's AGM 

07 JUNE    Rugby Clinics & Team Training, Captain’s Meeting, Opening Ceremony

08 JUNE    Tournament Play, Evening Event

09 JUNE    Tournament Play

10 JUNE    Tournament Play, Closing Ceremony & Closing Party

11 JUNE    Farewell Reception

Please be advised that this overview is subject to change. It will be updated as new information becomes available.