Tournament venue

The Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 tournament venue is situated in suburban Amstelveen, the Netherlands, and consists of three sub-areas: Sportpark West, Sportpark East and Roda '23.

The centre of tournament play will be two rugby pitches of the Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC), home ground of the Amsterdam Lowlanders. Other pitches will be available at the sports clubs AmstelveenHeemraad, NFC, DVH and Roda '23. In total eight grass pitches will be available for matches and seven artificial pitches for warm-up and training.

A free shuttle bus service will be available for paid participants from the host hotels to the tournament venue and vice versa. Other participants and visitors can reach the tournament venue easily by public transport and own transportation. Participants and visitors who will arrive by car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle must follow all instructions from the traffic wardens and parking assistants. 


Team & visitors' entrances @ Sportpark West and Sportpark East

1) Shuttle bus stop, team entrance and visitors' entrance
Startbaan 9
1185 XP Amstelveen, the Netherlands
3) Team entrance & visitors' entrance
Sportlaan 29
1185 TB Amstelveen, the Netherlands
2) Visitors' entrance
Sportlaan 27
1185 TB Amstelveen, the Netherlands
4) Visitors' entrance
Sportlaan 33
1185 TB Amstelveen, the Netherlands


Team & visitors' entrances @ Roda '23

5) Shuttle bus stop
Corner Salamander/Noorddammerweg
1187 BS Amstelveen, the Netherlands
7) Visitors' entrance
1185 ZZ Amstelveen, the Netherlands
6) Team entrance & visitors' entrance
Noorddammerweg 48c
1187 ZT Amstelveen, the Netherlands