Tournament results - prizes and world ranking

Please find the prize-winners of Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 and the resulting world ranking of gay & inclusive rugby clubs here:



Congratulations to Sydney Convicts A for winning the Bingham Cup! And to San Diego Armada, Washington Renegades A, Sydney Convicts B, Birmingham Bulls A and Amsterdam Lowlanders for winning the other prizes in the Bingham Division


Congratulations to Dallas Lost Souls for winning the Hoagland Cup! And to the Charlotte Royals, Caledonian Thebans, Newcastle Ravens, Les Gaillards and Lisbon Dark Horses for winning the other prizes in the Hoagland Division


Congratulations to Armada Montreal for winning the Challenger Cup! And to the Birmingham Bulls B, Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents, St Louis Crusaders and Portland Lumberjacks for winning the other prizes in the Challenger Division


Congratulations to the All Blues for winning the inaugural Amanda Marks Cup in the Amanda Marks Division!