Player Eligibility Rules

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1. Max of 25 players per team (side) for the entire tournament - no exceptions.

2. A player must have a demonstrable affiliation with the club they are playing with. Demonstrable affiliation can be shown by:

  • Playing the following number of matches with their club in the past 2 years:
    • Bingham Cup tier, 3 matches
    • all other tiers, 1 match
  • Based on the circumstance of their relationship with their club with approval of the Tournament Liaison Committee (TLC) (see rule 2.1 b for details). Clubs must make applications to the TLC by May 16th.

3. Clubs will be required to submit preliminary team rosters to the Bingham Cup Organising Committee by May 10th and final team rosters by May 24th.

4. The team rosters must confirm how each player meets the demonstrable affiliation requirement.

5. Players cannot play for more than one team during the tournament unless approved by the TCC (Tournament Competition Committee).

6. Players affiliated to a club with more than one team (side) competing can only play with the team (side) they are registered with, unless approved by the TCC (i.e. players cannot play for multiple teams/sides from the same club without approval).

7. Allocation of additional players (both extra club players and unaffiliated players) will be based on the needs of the teams competing and not the preference of the players.

8. Clubs can amalgamate players to form one team with the approval of TLC, prior to the tournament. All players need to have a demonstrable affiliation with one of the clubs amalgamating.

9. The details of protests and sanctions are contained in the rules.

Please read the full Player Eligibility Rules here.